The nation’s librarian is in charge of the library, the Culture Committee (Kulturnämnden) and organizes cultural activities.

During some semester there are Tuesday’s quizzes in the pub and prizes are awarded as usual to the winners. The Culture Committee also organizes culture pub evenings (a pub evening but DELUXE!) at least once a month.

Roughly every other Sunday there will be a Sunday dinner at a reasonable price. It is the perfect opportunity to bring friends, acquaintances, dates, relatives, classmates, etc. to the nation.

Furthermore, there are other cultural activities for example, theater visits. If you have any questions or suggestions on activities, find the nation’s librarian on the nation or email

Kontakta oss!
018-13 20 06

Viktor Dam, 1Q – Medlemsfrågor, stipendier, PR och korrespondens
Jacob Gilbertsson, 2Q – Ekonomi och bostäder
Rebecka Olsson, 3Q – Gasque, Pub och Klubb
Jan Drottfors Festmästare – Uthyrning


Mån-fre: 11-23
Tis-tors: 18-00
Fredag: 18-01
Tis 20-22
Tors 21-23
Expeditionen (1Q och 2Q)
Tis, ons, fre: 11-13
Tors: 14-17
Expeditionen (Festmästare och 3Q)
Tis: 11-13
Tors: 14-17

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