A ‘gasque’ is an old word for a certain kind of dinner party, where people put on their fancy dresses, eat a three-course dinner, drink schnapps – or some alcohol-free options, of course – listen to funny speeches, watch good entertainment and much more. This ‘framework’ makes all gasques similar to each other – but at the same time they can be quite different.

A gasque is the most common type of a nation’s party in Uppsala – they have existed as long as the nations; over 300 years. And it is not a coincidence that they still exist now. All nations have gasques. And Göteborgs has so clearly the nicest.

Actually, it is almost impossible to describe what a gasque is and be more accurate than ”a nation’s dinner party” – sounding like a cliché but you have to experience yourself.

You can find the next gasque on the facebook page, or just email the Curators (kuratelet) and ask what is going on. There are always alcohol-free and vegetarian options – all are welcome!


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Kontakta oss!
018-13 20 06
Hanna Oja, 1Q – Medlemsfrågor, stipendier, PR och korrespondens
Hedda Berto, 2Q – Ekonomi och bostäder
Josefin Wikman, 3Q – Pub, klubb och uthyrning


Mån-fre: 11-23

Tis-tors: 18-00
Fredag: 18-01

Tis 20-22

Tors 21-23

Tis-fre: 11-13
Tors även: 14-17