The nation provides several different services for our members and students in Uppsala. Each semester we distribute a large sum of money through various scholarships that members can apply for – most of them have different criteria for who are most deserving, but it is always worth to apply.

We also provide accommodations – vacant rooms are advertised through Facebook and the website, but it is usually also raffled off among the new students. Come to the expedition and know more!

At the nation there is a library. There are both old and new books mostly in Swedish – sometimes it may be possible for you to save money by finding the textbooks there. The library focuses primarily on law, but there are a lot of other things!

Check out other tabs if you want more information about something. There is more detailed information in Swedish, like in the latest news for each topic and what to do to apply for scholarships, housing, or to find your book.


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Hanna Oja, 1Q – Medlemsfrågor, stipendier, PR och korrespondens
Hedda Berto, 2Q – Ekonomi och bostäder
Josefin Wikman, 3Q – Pub, klubb och uthyrning


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