We have many positions in our nation that all serve important functions. Here you can read briefly about some positions. Please noted that the positions you can read about here are elected at the landskap, the big meeting of the nation. The nation has four landskaps per year. The Winter Landskap (Vinterlandskapet) is the first and usually happens in February. The second is the Spring Landskap (Vårlandskapet) in May and the third Autumn Landskap (Höstlandskap) in September. The last one is called the Christmas Landskap (Jullandskapet) and happens in December. All nation members are welcome to the landskap and no registration is required. To be nominated, you should contact the Nominating Committee (Valberedningen) at least one week before the landskap.


First Curator

First Curator (1q) is a full time, paid position for one year. The main tasks are to manage the members, scholarships, and represent the nation in different situations. Elected at the Autumn Landskap.

Second Curator

Second Curator (2q) is also a full time paid position for one year. 2q manages the nation’s economy and its housing. Elected at the Winter Landskap.

Third Curator

Third Curator (3q) works full time paid position for a year at the nation. The main tasks include managing the nation’s pubs, clubs and parties.


The librarian works with the nation’s library and cultural activities. The position includes arranging Sunday dinners, movie nights, theater visits and culture pubs. Being as a librarian is for a year and selected on the Spring Landskap.

Club Workers

The nation Club Workers work with the Third Curator at Glenn Kitchen and Bar. As a Club Worker you take orders from customers, mix drinks, serve at dinners, work in the kitchen and much more. It lasts for a semester.

As a thank-you for your hard work, you will get:

Priority in the housing queue

A trip to our friend nations (in the fall we go to Lund and in the spring to Turku)

Personal Price of food in the pub

A KK Card the semester after (A KK Card allows you to skip the queue to all nations and bring with you a friend in for free)

Memories for life


There are more positions!

Don’t hesitate to contact the First Curator if you want to know more about other positions.



Kontakta oss!
018-13 20 06

Ebba Ulfberg, 1Q – Medlemsfrågor, stipendier, PR och korrespondens
Sondra Gross, 2Q – Ekonomi och bostäder
Hannah Barker, 3Q – Gasque, Pub och Klubb
Rebecka Olsson, Festmästare – Uthyrning


Mån-fre: 11-23
Tis-tors: 18-00
Fredag: 18-01
Tis 20-22
Tors 21-23
Expeditionen (1Q och 2Q)
Tis, ons, fre: 11-13
Tors: 14-17
Expeditionen (Festmästare och 3Q)
Tis: 11-13
Tors: 14-17

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