The pub

‘Glenn’ in its present form has been a long-standing element in Uppsala’s nightlife since 2008 – but the pub has been in Göteborgs for longer than anyone can remember. It is always the place where people have simply chosen to meet.

The principle is really clear: Together we create a pub where we want to go when we are free. Good food, good drink and good friends create good atmosphere. For many people, the pub is just as much ”at home” as their dorm rooms are – or more.

And that is how it should be at Glenn’s.

Every Thursday there will be karaoke in the back room – free, spectacular and always fun.

Kontakta oss!
018-13 20 06
Sofia Rohdin, 1Q – Medlemsfrågor, stipendier, PR och korrespondens
Hedda Berto, 2Q – Ekonomi och bostäder
Linnea Hedlund, 3Q – Pub, klubb och uthyrning


Mån-fre: 11-23

Tis-tors: 18-00
Fredag: 18-01

Tis 20-22

Tors 21-23

Tis-fre: 11-13
Tors även: 14-17

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