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Welcome to Uppsala and Göteborgs Nation

Hej! Welcome to Uppsala and Göteborgs Nation!


More information in English about the Nation on the website will be up soon but now we welcome you all with this message:

Uppsala has the best university in Sweden. Uppsala is the best student city in the world as well, thanks to the nations. A nation is a student organization that defines the social part of the student life, which provides housings, scholarships, clubs, culture events, pubs, sports and much more. It is like Hogwarts but instead of four houses we have 13 nations in Uppsala.

We hope you will join Göteborgs Nation. We offer you a little saltiness from the west coast (where Göteborg is located). You can also hang out with other active members and maybe take a break from your studies for a while. We are the smallest nation and it is our advantage. Here you won’t be left behind but instead you will become a part of the community. We care for each other and together we create the nation the way we want it to be.

The nation’s library is always open for those who want to have a quiet place to study. The library has quite a range of books, especially law books mostly in Swedish, which are also allowed to borrow. The nation’s premises are used as a living room with many spontaneous hangouts but it is also possible to participate in some more regular activities, just to mention a few like pub quiz on Tuesdays, karaoke on Thursdays, pub evenings, and Sunday’s brunch.

We may be the smallest but we are greatest when the time comes. To students Valborg (Walpurgis) is huge and there is nothing else to compare to what happens after. Räkan (The Shrimp) is by far the biggest event in Uppsala and it happens of course at Göteborgs Nation. The event is from afternoon to night with dancing on the chairs, sing and shrimps cooked in an authentic west coast way.

We, Lucas and Yunchen, are here for you all semester long to help you with your many firsts in Uppsala and at Göteborgs, and you will never forget this experience. We are happy to guide you to the student life with all it has to offer. Come and mix some drinks in the pub, get involved in the Culture Committee, have fun at Blodbadet the charity fete, join the legendary Räkan or perhaps something completely different!

Join us, it will be fun! Find us at St. Larsgatan 7 during registration period (Mon-Fri 11-13, 15-17) before 29 January. After that it is the regular expedition time (Tues-Fri 11-13, Thurs Even 15-17). We hope that you will never want to leave the fantastic vibe of Göteborgs. Don’t forget to like “Recentiorer Göteborgs nation VT-16” on Facebook. We also have a Facebook group for international students together with Smålands Nation and it is called “Gothenburg’s & Smålands nations, Uppsala + International students = Love <3”.

See you soon!


Your lovely International Secretaries

Lucas and Yunchen

E-mail: intsek@goteborgsnation.se